The Human Resources Division is responsible for the effective and efficient use of the Authority’s human capital for accomplishment of organizational goals. This is done through the underlisted activities which are interlinked.


The aim of staffing is to provide adequate numbers of qualified people to occupy various job positions in the organization at the appropriate time.  Thus, we recruit and select the most qualified applicants to fill vacancies that arise in the organization from time to time.


The Division administers a Performance Appraisal System, annually evaluating the performance of employees of the Authority. The outcome of the evaluation leads to Management decisions on rewards, disciplinary action, identification of training needs etc.


Salaries and Wages in the GHA are pre-determined by the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC) on behalf of the Government.  Each job position has corresponding salary on the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS) and that is what the Division uses to administer the   salaries of staff.  The Authority recognizes that employees must be sufficiently rewarded for their knowledge, skills, abilities, experiences and performance accomplishments.  For this reason, apart from salaries other benefits by way of allowances, provision of subsidies on housing, transportation etc are provided to motivate staff. These benefits are processed and managed by the Human Resources Division.


The physical and mental health as well as safety of staff are of paramount interest to Management.  Management, through the Human Resources Division provides some financial support to staff for medical treatment of ailments ranging from minor illnesses to chronic conditions.  Staff are however, advised to access the National Health Insurance Scheme as much as possible due to budgetary constraints. Staff are also provided with safety gadgets and clothing for their safety at the work place.


The Division in conjunction with Management, the Senior Staff Association and the Union develop, communicate and review/update Human Resources policies and procedures as and when necessary so that staff would know what their rights are and Management’s expectation of them.  The policies serve as guidelines which address specific issues in the day to day management of staff.  Procedures also provide customary methods of handling the various activities in play.  Most of these policies, procedures and rules have been published in the Employee Handbook of the Authority for Reference and Guidance.