The  Finance Division is a Division of the Administration Department of Ghana Highway Authority.

The  Finance Division designs and implements effective and efficient Financial Management Systems in the  Authority  in accordance with its owned approved Accounting Manual , the Financial Administration Act (FAA) Act 654, Internal Audit Agency Act (IAA) Act 658, Public Procurement Act (PPA) Act 663 and Civil Service Law and their respective regulations.


A Finance Division that delivers excellent financial management services to the Authority


The Finance Division exists to provide efficient and effective financial management services to the Authority and the public through highly trained, well-motivated and dedicated staff using the most appropriate technology.


 The functions of the Finance Division as provided for in the GHA Accounting Manual, FAA and FAR are summarized below:

  1. Receiving, disbursing and providing secure custody for moneys payable into the Consolidated Fund and other funds and establishing such account with the Bank of Ghana and its agents as are considered necessary for the deposit of the moneys; 
  2. Ensuring that adequate provisions exist in the safe custody of public money, securities and accountable documents. 
  3. Ensuring the custody, safety and integrity of the Consolidated Fund and other public funds designated under the care of the Chief Executive ; 
  4. Compiling and managing the accounts prepared in relation to the Consolidated Fund and other public funds; 
  5. Keeping, rendering and publishing statements of public accounts as required by law; 
  6. Approving accounting instructions of Regional Highway Offices, District Offices , Mobile Units promoting the development of efficient accounting systems within these institutions;
  7. Carrying out inspections that it considers necessary to ensure the integrity of the internal control system operating in a  GHA regional office