The Contracts Division manages all contracts for highway rehabilitation and reconstruction works in Ghana, which involves amongst others the following activities;

  1. Packaging of highway projects for procurement of works.
  2. Solicitation of tenders from qualified Contractors using National Competitive Bidding (NCB) and International Competitive Bidding (ICB) procurement approaches as appropriate.
  3. Selection of competent Contractors, both local and foreign, for the implementation of the projects.
  4. Monitoring of the projects to ensure that they are executed in consonance with design standards, specifications, terms and conditions of the appropriate Contracts.

The Contracts Division also oversees valuation of properties and crops impacted by the highway rehabilitation and reconstruction works to ensure that the Project Affected Persons are adequately compensated. The Division additionally collaborates with Utility Agencies to relocate utility lines to facilitate smooth implementation of highway projects.

The Division’s responsibilities also include the review of Payment Certificates submitted by Resident Engineers and Engineering Consultants for payment to Contractors and periodically assesses the performance of Contractors engaged for the highway Rehabilitation and Reconstruction works.